Ivory + Wes | Julian Wedding

Lately we hear a lot about "DIY" (Do-it-yourself) brides who craft many of the details of their wedding days. However, Ivory + Wes took "DIY" to a whole different level. Not only did Ivory + Wes make all of their own centerpieces and ceremony arbor, and hang a million twinkly lights themselves, Ivory also made. her. own. wedding. dress. Yes, she made her own beautiful two piece dress. I couldn't get over it.

Their funky style was so much fun to capture. From the tulle-laced converse that the bridesmaids wore to the reception, to the Princess Bride inspired invitations (my favorite movie of all time) to the bouncy house they provided for the kids as entertainment. Their day was one-of-a-kind, and love from their family and friends filled the air.

They got married at a beautiful, blue house in Julian and they had friends play florist, baker, caterer, DJ and planner. We were one of the only vendors they hired and while that was so flattering, I took that responsibility seriously. It makes my heart swell when other people value photography as much as I do. My hope is always that no matter a bride's budget, our images will always capture the details in the most beautiful way and in the most beautiful light (literally, we seek out the best light, ha).

My FAVORITE line from the Princess Bride!

My FAVORITE line from the Princess Bride!